Project: The Alb ny Remake 
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Something very high-end, something that aligned with the positioning of this project and its developers, "prime luxury boutique". The Alb ny is unquestionably a classy modern villa area designed specifically for the high-end segment. This project demonstrates 4pixos Studio's ability as a top choice for real estate market in Vietnam.

Based on The Alb ny project's 4 key ideas: Elite Community - Global Standards - Exclusive Privacy - Stylish Details. The design challenge was to choose the right materials in brass, wood, and stone. We made a home with an Asian spirit, but one that still had a modern beauty, focusing on tones that show the elegance, class, and sophistication of another class. 


From the customer's perspective, we propose creating a private, classy space that feels like they're living in a luxury resort villa right in their own home.


The Alb ny brings the comfort and atmosphere of luxury resorts to the Thao Dien peninsula. This is distinguished by its high-quality service, personalized attention, and eye-catching design.

In the same scene, we use light to create two opposing states, and we inject emotions into these two images representing light and dark. An excellent rendering not only accurately reproduces reality; at 4pixos Studio, we meticulously use light as an evocative element of our work, bringing spaces to life and sparkling.

The entrance to private residence is both peaceful and luxurious, indicative of its elegant and thoughtful design.


Throughout the day, the rooftop receives light from a variety of angles. It's combined with the infinity pool's reflection to create an emotional perfect and scene.

The early morning light casts a clear, pure glow, the late afternoon sunlight evokes pleasant joy, and the sunset over the landscape casts a sense of peace and serenity. We captured and rendered all of the subtle movement of natural light in the most realistic manner possible.

We chose the perspective of a person lying on a chair and taking in the scenery, with a very wide river view in a space and time where the pool is like a mirror, merging into one with the clouds.


Each space is a one-of-a-kind experience: an amalgamation of unique items carefully collected from renowned furniture brands. Bring together, these designs reflect philosophy of lines that preside over the space to create a whole.

The entire interior space is covered in gold tone, giving it an upscale cozy appearance. Every small detail of the interior, such as glass chandeliers, apricot flower pots, stone patterns, chairs, and so on, contributes to the creation of a breath-taking living space like this.


Design expressions of the personality of the residents of The Alb ny come through in choices of color palette, materiality, shapes, textures, and art.Pendant lamps by Poul Henningsen bring subtle strength into the room—an emotional, sensory connection to the owner.

The large, undivided marble material system, combined with natural light, creates a seamless transition between the outside Saigon riverscape and the inside residence.

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